Here is what a few people are saying about James...

"My 11 year old son has been taking drum lessons from James for about a year and we have been very happy.  Our son will be in the Middle school band next year and I have full confidence that James has prepared him well and will continue to help him develop the skills he needs moving forward.  James is well organized and understands the busy schedules we all keep.  He offers make-up lessons and is very good about getting back to me if I have questions."
- Shelly Y - a parent and reviewer for a Yelp listing
"I think James is a great teacher.  He inspires me to learn new songs and to create my own.  He is a fun teacher and I really enjoy learning from him!"
- Grant Hoffmann (Piano & Drum Student)
"I love taking lessons from James because he fully explains how to play the music and takes his time to make sure I am comfortable with what I am doing. When there is a song I want to learn James takes his time to find the music which allows me to learn things that I enjoy."
- Chandler Aitchison (Drum Student)

"I like taking lessons from James because he doesn't get mad if you mess up. I mess up sometimes, but James always walks me through it. James makes things fun. He plays games and shows me stuff that he plays on different instruments. If you are trying to find a music teacher choose James!"
- Marriott Hoffmann (Piano Student)
"James is a step above other music teachers, he truly enjoys the kids and seeing them improve and learn the music. He makes that extra effort for the kids which creates such a positive and creative desire for music."
- Christina Aitchison  (Parent)   
"James makes learning music fun and exciting."
- Kyle Aitchison  (Guitar Student)

“James is such a caring teacher. He genuinely wants his students to have a positive experience and is willing to go the extra length to ensure they do. I love hearing Saxon play ‘Louie Louie' while I'm cooking dinner!”
- Kim Ratcliff  (Parent)

"Taking lessons is a lot of fun.  James is very informative and it is a good program".   "Good guitarness with James . . ."
Jon MichaelRaasch  (Guitar Student)

“I like how James doesn't get mad if I mess up on a note or a song.”
“I like how James is patient and he waits if I am stuck on a certain song.”
“I like how James is caring and he always helps me out with my songs.”
- Saxon Ratcliff  (Piano Student)

“I like the way James takes me at my speed while at the same time he pushes me to get better.  He explains stuff in a way that I can really understand.  He teaches any style whether it’s for drum line at school, some really cool drum set riffs, or just to learn some of my favorite songs.”
- Ryan Lindskog  (Drum Student)

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