Teaching Style
Instructor will work with books and / or audio materials; however the lesson plan will be in part dependent upon the student, their learning style and their focus.
Areas of study* include sight reading, rhythm, music theory, chords, technique and learning songs or works of various styles from professional recordings and/or sheet music.

Additional experience* may include planned recitals, playing live with other musicians, and / or recording experience.

Each student will receive a binder and various books to accompany the lessons as they progress.  There are also additional items that may be needed, depending on the student’s instrument of choice. 
Upon teacher recommendation, books or materials may either be purchased by the parent, student or pre-ordered by instructor and added to their lesson invoice.
Lesson Packages
-  All lessons are weekly.  Guarantee of 4 lessons per month, with the 5th lesson off when 5 weeks occur.  Fees are flat monthly rates only (based on a rate of $70 per hour).  Please see below for additional policies. 
Lesson Package A  |  30 minute lessons $140 / month    

Lesson Package B  |  45 minute lessons $210 / month
Lesson Package C  |  60 minute lessons $280 / month
~ All lessons given at 1948 18th Ave, Kingsburg, CA 93631 ~
Tuition Policies
- All invoices will be sent out via e-mail the last week of each month.
- Tuition is due monthly on or before the 1st of each month or by check on students 1st lesson (with prior notice).  Any payments made after the 3rd of each month will be considered late unless agreed to be paid ahead of time on students first lesson if it falls after the 3rd.
- Tuition may be paid via PayPal through the invoice link, Venmo, via check made payable to JnK Music, LLC or with cash and brought to the studio by the 1st of the month or 1st lesson of the month (if brought in person and agreed to ahead of time by teacher and parent/student).
-A new student's first month tuition will be pro-rated based on the date of first lesson and due by the first lesson date.
- Lesson refunds or credits will only be considered in the event of an instructor cancellation or legal holiday that results in fewer than 4 lessons per month without the availability of a make-up lesson.  Please see Cancellation Policies for more information.**
  Cancellation Policies
  - Student cancellations are non-refundable, however make ups
  can be scheduled.  The lesson time has been reserved exclusively
  for the student and the monthly tuition will remain the same,
  regardless of the students' attendance.
  - If a student is unable to attend their reserved lesson
  time, contact the studio by phone, text or email.  With

  a minimum of 24 hours notice, a make-up lesson will 
  be offered, however it cannot be guaranteed.  If there
  is no prior notice given, the missed lesson will be considered a 'no-show'.**
- In the event of a no-show lesson, there will not be a make-up lesson or credit offered.
- When a make-up lesson is offered, you will be contacted with either a make-up lesson time option or a link to look at available make-up lesson times to choose from.  If the make-up lesson is unable to be scheduled during the current month, the make-up lesson can be carried over to the next months however it expires after 30days and there will not be a lesson credit offered once expired.
- Studio closures include all legal holidays, but may also include additional closures.  In the event that a student's regular lesson time falls during a studio closure, for any reason, the lesson time will be treated as an instructor cancellation.  All studio closures will be listed on the studio website on the Schedule page.** 
- In the case of an instructor cancellation, a make-up lesson will be offered.  If a make-up lesson is unable to be scheduled, there will be a credit for the missed lesson applied to the next month's tuition.**
Termination Policies
- In the case of a student decision to terminate regular lessons, please provide a two week notice prior to termination.
- In the case of a studio decision to terminate regular lessons, every attempt will be made to schedule lessons for any pre-paid tuition.  In the case of an inability to schedule lessons, a refund will be offered at the discretion of the instructor.
- In the case of repeat no-show's (2 or more in a calendar month), attempts will be made to contact the student (or the student's parent or guardian) via the information provided on their account.  If all attempts are unsuccessful and have not been returned within a one-week time frame from the first attempt, the student will surrender their regular lesson time and will be removed from the current roster and pre-paid tuition will not be refunded.  Any requests to return to the current roster must be approved by the instructor and previous lesson times can  not be guaranteed.

*    All areas of study and additional experiences are subject to instructor's discretion and readiness of student.  Additional fees may apply.
**  Monthly tuition includes 4 lessons per month.  Some months may include a 5th week, or bonus lesson.  In the event of a bonus lesson month, there will not be a make-up lesson or credit offered for student or instructor cancellations.
To see James' lesson availability schedule, click here.
Please contact James Nobriga at 408.219.9342 or james.nobriga@gmail.com for availability and scheduling, or click on the registration tab.

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