James Nobriga is a degreed Bachelors of Music Graduate from SJSU and an experienced local performing and recording artist offering lessons in guitar, piano, bass, marching percussion, symphonic percussion (including marimba and timpani), and Drum Set.  He can also teach Music Theory, recording techniques, song writing techniques and perform or record on any of the instruments he teaches out of his studio.

As a musician for over 30 years, James has
 experience playing in worship bands, jazz
 combos, pop/rock bands, rock/blues bands,
 symphonic, and marching bands. He earned a
 Bachelors of Music degree from San Jose State
 University in 2001, where he studied percussion
 under Anthony Cirone, and marched under the direction of Scott Pierson for over 4 years.  James was recruited with a scholarship to play with the pep band and Marching Band at SJSU out of high school, Milpitas High, where he had marched for 4 years and earned awards and accolades, including the Louis Armstrong award for Jazz drumming and a spot in the Santa Clara county honor band. 

As a recording artist and performing musician, James has recorded and performed with Andy Gridley (www.andygridley.com), Rev City Blues Band (formally  The Good News Blues) and has an original band his wife, Katie Joy, and him created called Changing Names (www.wearechangingnames.com), with a full length album for sale online and music videos available.

James is also the current drummer for Mike Amaral's California Beach Boys Tribute Band, a very successful international performing group (www.californiabeachboys.com).  James has also produced a stage show Event for the fundraising and awareness of the skin disorder Icthyosis called 'Danes Friends for FIRST (www.danesfriendsforfirst.com).  In addition to producing, recording and performing, James was also the Contemporary Worship Arts Producer for Calvary Church of Los Gatos (www.calvarylg.com), where he coached musicians, recruited volunteers, directed bands, arranged music, created music sets, and performed on various instruments for worship services for over 10 years.


I am passionate about creating, performing, and sharing music with others.  My hope is to pass along to others what I have learned and experienced through the art of making music and the spiritual journey I have been on.” -James Nobriga

* Resume, references, or additional instructor information available upon request

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