(Weekly Reserved Spots)

To reserve a new lesson time or make a permanent change to your existing lesson time, please click the following link:

(white cells are available times, gray cells are unavailable):



Weekly Lesson Schedule

To schedule an intro lesson, drop in, or to make a temporary adjustment to your currently reserved lesson time, please click the following link:

Find an open spot then send an email requesting that spot. (dates are listed, multiple tabs for multiple weeks ahead are sometimes posted)



Make-up Lessons / Saturdays Schedule

Each month, there might be certain days assigned as make-up days.  If you are in need of a make-up lesson, please click the following link to schedule a reserved time for your make-up lesson.  All make-up lesson times are first come, first served, so make sure to email me right away when you see a time slot you may want.

(see policies regarding make-ups - make-ups only available for student cancelations if a spot is available):


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