Studio Information

The JnK Music Lessons Studio is located in Kingsburg, CA.  We offer two instructors, one for voice and one for instruments, ready to work one-on-one to help students learn to play their instruments with confidence and skill.  

 James Nobriga is an experienced performer and multi-instrumentalist with a Bachelors of Music degree from SJSU and teaching experience for nearly 20 years, will be your go-to for all instruments including guitar, piano, drum set, percussion, and music theory.

Katie Joy Nobriga is an experienced singer and performer. She's only been teaching for just over 2 years, but has vocal experience that spans over 35.  She is joining the studio beginning in January 2022 as our new vocal teacher.

Private lessons will focus on learning to play an instrument with confidence, music theory, learning to play with other musicians and/or composing original songs, depending on the student's interest and level. 

(Video below is an example of 'Studio band' an extra elective where students of James Nobriga
got together to learn how to play with others and learn a song to have it recorded.
Music arrangement, audio production, video production and band direction by James Nobriga)

The JnK Lesson Studio is currently accepting students for the following instruments:

*  Guitar {Acoustic, Electric, & Bass}
*  Piano | Keyboard 

*  Percussion, Drum Line 
{Marching & Symphonic}  
* Drum Set
* Music Theory and Composition tutoring available as well

* Vocals
(Video below is an example of a drum student of James Nobriga performing a song, which student's get to do as a bonus to lessons)


Please spend some time exploring our website for more information regarding the studio and all we have to offer.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to register your information and we will contact you or contact
James Nobriga directly for more information:

 e: james.nobriga@gmail.com

 p: (559) 419-9454


(Pictured below is an example of a past recital at JnK Music Lessons)

‚ÄčJnK Music is a division of JnK Productions founded by James and Katie Nobriga



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